Welcoming foodie Gus Filgate to Bare!

As avid fans of his work we are delighted to officially welcome Gus to the family after collaborating with him on a series of projects earlier this year. 

Gus Filgate: 

"My passion is bringing stories to life through food. It’s a part of every story there is, woven through all our happiest (and saddest) moments. So after several years of running a film production company combined with full time directing it’s time to focus on what I love.  

Food is blogged, captured and shared every minute of every day and our appetite for its stories grows daily. I love to look at life through the viewfinder of what we eat: from the technical challenges we face in making food do extraordinary things for the camera (and look the bollocks too), to the simplicity of a steaming plate of beans-on-toast-with-a-cup-of-tea that warms the very cockles of the heart.

Being able to shine a little light on some of life’s quirks, mysteries madness and wonder….. all from the perspective of the dinners we like to eat…. is a very lovely viewpoint to take.

So joining Bare promises to be a fresh and exciting venture. We collaborated earlier this year and it was a delight; so it is a no-brainer to go the whole hog and Bare all for England.

I look forward to working with clients both old and new, in the capable and confident hands of the Bare team."