Learn the naked truth in Luke Roulstone's new film for MSF

Bare Films and director Luke Roulstone were thrilled to be working with MSF on an edgy and provocative film with such an important message. In approaching the film director Luke Roulstone commented… 

"I really loved the concept of this strip poker game exposing the hidden truths of the pharma industry, it leant itself very well to a cinematic treatment which always excites me greatly.  I saw the whole thing as a rather tragic but gentrified demise.  Bob is a character of great wealth and I wanted every inch of the production to exude that wealth. Because it’s a topical subject and because the extremity of the situation is so high it allowed me to really push the style and go for broke with the visuals - painterly classical compositions, operatic score - things you’d associate with high society. I then kept the camera pushing in ever closer to Bob to up the feeling of pressure and claustrophobia until he’s literally bursting out of his shirt with greed by the end.

The whole thing was great fun to shoot and endlessly rewarding, and the entire team involved were incredible from start to finish. With any luck it will go some way to raising awareness of how unjust the cost of medicine really is."