Berlin through the lens - Peter Chelsom documents the city for his latest film 'BERLIN, I LOVE YOU'

BERLIN I LOVE YOU is the sequel to the successful prequels PARIS JE T’AIME and NEW YORK I LOVE YOU. 

An innovative anthology feature film, each segment will be directed by 10 internationally acclaimed film-makers such as Peter Chelsom, Fernando Eimbcke, Dennis Gansel, Massy Tadjedin, Til Schweiger, Justin Franklin, Dani Levy and Dianna Agron.

Leading actors participating include Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Mickey Rourke, Luke Wilson, Jim Sturgess, Charlotte Le Bon and Diego Luna.

Chelsom’s film, BERLIN RIDE, is the story of Jared, a photographer who comes to Berlin to die. His life is saved by a car, Vanessa. Over a week, Vanessa shows Jared her Berlin. Jared falls in love with Berlin, but more importantly with Vanessa.

Here are a selection of his photographs, taken while shooting BERLIN I LOVE YOU